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San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Adventure Awaits!

In the heart of San Juan, inside a very special bay, beautiful Green Sea Turtles lazily swim about in warm tropical waters.
As they snack on sea grass and nap in the sand, we can enjoy them in their natural and wild habitat.
If you have ever dreamed of encountering these graceful animals, your trip to Puerto Rico would not be complete without making those dreams a reality. Come and snorkel with the Turtles of San Juan!



The Experience

We will begin our adventure with an ocean side safety briefing while everyone is fitted for their equipment. Once we chat about how to responsibly and passively interact with turtles and other sea life, we will walk down to the beach and hit the water! We will take it nice and slow so you have a few moments to get accustomed to your gear and you feel confident enough to enjoy the underwater world.

We can hope to see a variety of tropical fish, a sunken bridge, statues, and of course turtles! From arrival to departure the whole experience is 2 hours.
At the end of the tour I will transfer your videos to you while you enjoy light refreshments.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!


What makes this
tour different?

Have you ever been on a tour where you felt like a huge group of cattle being herded from one place to the next?

If you chose to snorkel with us I can guarantee this will never happen.

We never take more than 8 snorkelers at a time.

This ensures that everyone is able to see what they came for! I truly believe when the groups are smaller, and people can receive a bit more personalized attention, the whole group has a better time.

Includes equipment

Masks, Fins, Snorkel, and Life Jacket

up to 8 people


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